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In questo luogo, si parla con le
pietre e il tempo, senza voce.
E sa più di terra che di uomini;
terra grigia di stoppie, bruna di
solchi aperti, mossa dal granturco
verde, accoglie e sostiene la
casa, i muri, la torre.
Nella casa si accende il fuoco, e
le figure vive ne adombrano altre
lontane, calde tuttavia,
Si parla con le pietre e il tempo,
senza voce, in questo luogo.

                                     Novella Cantarutti

The Friulian poet and intellectual, Novella Cantarutti was one of the first intellectuals to discover Bergum.  It hovers in a majestic isolation and appears almost by surprise, between the vast plains and the rugged foothills overlooking Faedis.
This is a quaint and slightly wild corner of Friuli, that preserves almost intact its rural origin. It is surrounded by the Soffumbergo, Zucco, Cucagna and Attimis castles, remnants of the ancient feudal tradition of the area.

The Bergum fortress represents a rare example of fortified rural architecture in Friuli:  an ancient “castrum” which to this day preserves its ancient walls, its imposing defensive tower and its gracious “domus”

After long and laborious renovation, today Bergum is alive with activity and is home to the farm that cultivates the surrounding fields, the Golf Training Club, the “Casaforte di Bergum” and a very original country inn:
The “travellers” are welcomed in the ancient “domus”, or the “Casetta” (little house) so called not because of its size but because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere that permeates it and the Fourteenth Century “Tower”.  Both buildings are independent.

Facilities in the “Casetta":
(visit our photo gallery for interiors)


• minimum two-day reservation, breakfast included
• welcome drink with the proprietors
•discounts for admission to regional golf courses
• swimming pool
• bicycles
• organization of visits to historic Castles and Dwellings in the region
• organization of wine-tasting & gastronomic itineraries
• organization of events with a limited number of people

• single rooms from 60 to 70 euro
• double rooms from 70 to 80 euro

The upper floors of the Tower contain a bright 180 square metre three-floor apartment

Tower Facilities:
(see our photo gallery for a view of our interiors)
• apartment with kitchen facilities (minimum one week reservation)
• weekly change of linen and housekeeping
• discounts for admission to regional golf clubs
• swimming pool
• bicycles

• information upon request

The country inn is closed the months of February and August


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