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nature/The Natisone Valleys
The Natisone Valleys are located in the extreme eastern corner of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region near Cividale, the Roman Forum Iulii and the Isonzo Valley.
The Valleys are made up of the Natisone River valley and those of its tributaries, the Alberone, the Cosizza and the Erbezzo – an original fan-shaped system of valleys which converge towards the South.  They are dominated by the Matajur mountain (1641 meters) from whose grassy peak one can see the Adriatic Sea.

Among the most beautiful sites of the area are the numerous small XV and XVI century votive churches.
They can be reached by foot through fields and prairies which offer an authentic explosion of colour, especially in the Autumn.

The numerous natural hollows, some of which have never been explored, are also very interesting to visit.  One of the most famous is the San Giovanni d’Antro grota of important geological, historical, religious  and cultural interest.

In this rolling countryside one can go trekking, plan outings, explore mountain biking itineraries and organize fishing excursions.

This area is also rich in history:  modern history with the remains of the WWI defensive lines and ancient history with the ruins of medieval castles and those of the ancient Roman Empire.

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