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culture/The Land of Historic Castles
The archeological park in “castle country” is a grand, ambitious project which encompasses towns in the foothills of Friuli where these splendid dwellings were first built.  This project, made possible by funding from the EU, the Italian government, several regional governing bodies and private funding, sponsors the restoration and linking of various archeological sites and historic dwellings.

The project is coordinated in the famous Attimis Archeological Museum which organizes tourist visits to the sites included in the Park and is an information point for tourists and scholars.  It also offers information concerning scientific and educational programs.

The Archeological Park is located in the foothills of the area between Cividale del Friuli and Tarcento which includes the towns of Attimis, Faedis and Tarcento.  The areas included in this park are considered to be of significant archeological interest and all house historic fortifications.  The itinerary is an historic rather than physical one linking a wealth of Medieval castles.

The majority of the fortified castles are located along the S.S. 356 and the S.S. 13 linking Cividale del Friuli – Tarcento – Gemona del Friuli.
The castles are usually positioned on a hill surrounded by lush vegetation and crossed by rivers.  Some of the historic castles are still in ruins while others have been restored to the majesty of their era
Some of the castles on the list include:

Magnano in Riviera: Castello di Prampero
Tarcento: Castello di Coia
Nimis: Castrum Nemas, Monte Zuccon e Cergneu
Attimis: Partistagno, Attimis sup. e inf.
Faedis:  Cucagna, Zucco e Soffumbergo
Povoletto: La Motta


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