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eventi golf/Concluso il corso dei bambini
Conclusion of the Children’s golf course with a first field trip to the “Tenuta Primero” Golf Club
The golf course organized for children during the months of May and June on the practice field of the Casaforte di Bergum and promoted by the Italian Golf Federation came to a stunning conclusion  at the “Tenuta Primero” Golf Club in Grado.
The course given by the golf trainer Roberto Milliè was a surprising success and the children followed the lessons with great enthusiasm.
A large group of young golfers was not able to contain its great enthusiasm and natural competitiveness when competing on the course.  The competition ended (fortunately so!) in a tie.
The awards (for all) and the ensuing photographic sessions ended the “christening” of the small golfers who we hope will continue practicing this highly educational sport.

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